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Lost dog searchers are often under an enormous amount of stress and tend to forget advice, ignore suggestions, and waste precious time. Please print a hard copy of all the "Lost Dogs" documents (you will need Acrobat Reader) and then read through each one carefully - attention to small details can make a big difference.

Based in southeastern Massachusetts, LostDogSearch is a one-person volunteer operation that provides free information, guidance, and support through this website, emails, and by phone. Monetary donations are not solicited nor expected, but are used to cover expenditures such as fuel, phone bills, office/printing supplies, and other costs associated with maintaining this work on a regular basis.

If you need assistance, please email Debbie at lostdogsearch@aol.com.

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With Gratitude

Dogs are exceptionally resourceful and deserve to be credited for all that they have taught me. Due credit also goes to Animal Control Officers, Animal Rescue League of Boston, rescue groups, shelter workers, and the families of lost dogs. Their knowledge, advice, and tips have been of immense help.

Special thanks to Emily Rogeness for the education about our canine friends, sharing a positive attitude, and convincing me that LostDogSearch could make a difference. On behalf of many lost dogs that have been reunited with their families, our deepest gratitude. Emily's experience with handling all aspects of rescue operations makes her no stranger to working long hours without regard to clock or calendar. Her insights and expertise have been extraordinarily helpful, the gift of her friendship… priceless. With a heart that offers unconditional love and a reassuring voice that tells the tale of a happy future, Emily is someone who goes out of her way to grant a "forgotten" dog's wish to be wanted, needed, and loved.

I'd like to express my appreciation to Diane McClure for securing and starting up the original LostDogSearch website. It would still be on my list of things to do if not for your thoughtful gesture. Diane decided something good must come out of her own lost dog ordeal and created opportunities and developed programs that work to benefit both canines and people. I was very fortunate to meet this wonderful lady with a "can do" attitude, but even better, she became a friend. With "Rumble" in our hearts. http://www.globalspan.net/lost.htm (Rumble's site)

My sincere thanks to Lisa Westwell, of Westwell's Web Works, for her generous donation of time and professional skills, and for having the patience of a saint while waiting for me to polish "Lost Dogs." Lisa not only volunteers a significant amount of hours to rescue work, but also cares deeply about the welfare of lost dogs. She always makes a special effort to ensure they get back home safely, and knows firsthand the enormous thrill when you're personally involved in a happy ending story. The world of rescue would not exist, nor fare so well, without the efforts of compassionate and dedicated people who give so much of themselves to this mission. Thank you Lisa.

This site is in memory of "Tia."

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