Ponce's Happy Ending - June, 2009
Lost Dog Found upon a Star

Maybe he was just trying to live up to his name, but the little terrier “Ponce” (like the explorer Ponce De Leon), surprised everyone when he was miraculously found and returned home safely after being lost for over five months in central Texas. Read My Rescue Story.

Hoover's Happy Ending - June, 2009

Hi Debbie,
Thank you so much for all your help and advice during our ordeal with Hoover – it only lasted 4 days but it felt like an eternity!

It seemed like a “perfect storm” of things to go wrong. We had only had him for 2 weeks, and being a young guy (only about 8 months old) who had spent much more of his life on the streets in a bad neighborhood than with nice people in a loving home, Hoover is extremely shy and skittish around people. He was starting to warm up to us when we both had to leave on business for a couple of days. We left him with a dog/house sitter whom he seemed to like, but on Monday morning he broke out of our fence when she let him out in the back yard to play. She and another friend of ours tried for two days to track him down and call him to come back, and they did catch sight of him occasionally, but he wouldn’t let anyone get close to him. Read My Rescue Story.

Breeze's Happy Ending - May 9, 2009
Jasper, (Alberta) Canada

Breeze was placed in a SPCA after her owner died and was then adopted by Jaime. Behaving like some dogs do in a new or confusing situation, she escaped and was lost. Breeze wandered the wilds of Jasper, (Alberta) Canada, and survived the worst of winter weather conditions. She roamed a large area but eventually settled into a smaller circle. Finally, a break came when numerous sightings showed her frequenting a lumberyard. Read My Rescue Story.

Vinnie's Happy Ending - May 2009

Hi Debbie,
My husband and I wanted to express our thanks to you for the work you've done in building and maintaining your website. We have a two dog household, and our younger dog Vinnie disappeared after getting spooked on Sunday evening this past holiday weekend. He was staying with our friends out in the country, about 50 miles away from our home in the city of Chicago, a place he has stayed many times before, but had never had the chance to explore beyond their large yard, and always on leash. Sunday evening, he backed out of his collar and took off running. It was a special collar, called the Canny collar, that is supposed to prevent that sort of thing, but the situation that was created must have built the perfect storm for an escape. Read My Rescue Story.

Bernie - December 26, 2008Bernie's Happy Ending - April 9, 2009

Nikki and her family were visiting relatives during the 2008 Christmas season when her dog Bernie bolted out a garage door that was accidentally opened. He ran and kept on running. Losing a dog is usually an ordeal in itself, but Nikki lived two hours away, making it worse. Read My Rescue Story.

Kara's Happy Ending - December 2008

Dear LostDogSearch,
Kara the Sheltie was placed in a new home and all was well for a few days until she got spooked by something and bolted. Over 300 fliers were distributed by the new owner, her previous one (Kathy) and her friends. There were a few sighting calls to which the group responded immediately, but to no avail. Then a woman who was visiting in town saw a flier and called because she saw a dog that looked like Kara in a neighboring community. The sighting location was accessed by a single road leading into a residential area surrounded by water on three sides. The searchers walked around and posted fliers. Food was left in the woods and on the safe, quiet sidewalks facing the ocean and woods. Another call came in from the area, so Kathy went to put out fresh food and walk along the streets. She called to Kara by name and always brought along a dog to lay down familiar canine scent. Read My Rescue Story.

Maya's Happy Ending - 2007

Dear LostDogSearch,
You gave me invaluable advice when my newly rescued dog, Mara, disappeared back in May. I've always wanted to update you, with a picture, but Maya (which is what I renamed her) proves an extremely difficult subject. When she sees the camera she thinks it's play time. Anyway... Here is a picture taken by a friend of mine a few weeks ago. It's the best one of the lot. Maya has adjusted amazingly well. I cannot believe this is the same dog that I took home in May. The one who was afraid of everyone and everything. Thank you again for all your help. I really don't know what I would have done without you. Lynne

Puddin's Happy Ending - October 4, 2007

Dear LostDogSearch,
I just wanted to send a huge thank you. Because of your website, I was finally able to get my dog “Puddin” back after 10 days. Puddin is a 9 year old, very pampered Boxer with a heart condition. She ran away because she was mad that I wouldn't let her go "bye-bye" with me. I searched and searched, and had already put out flyers before I saw your site. I changed them after reading your suggestions. Read My Rescue Story.

Max's Happy Ending - September 15, 2007

Dear LostDogSearch,
Me and my dog, Max, were visiting a friend in Charlton when Max was lost. My family immediately contacted Charlton Animal Control. They posted him on their website and referred us to the LostDogSearch website for tips on finding a lost dog. I posted flyers and went door to door. That did the trick! Other than a few burrs, Max was found safe the next morning and we brought him home. We were so pleased with the information offered by LostDogSearch that they will be sharing it with other ACOs in our area! Thanks for all the help!

Heather and Max

Bubbles's Happy Ending - April, 2007

Thank you and your wonderful web site for helping us to find Bubbles. For Bubbles story, click here.

Janice D.

Brandon's Happy Ending - March, 2007

Hi Debbie,
I wanted to let you know that your website was enormously helpful to our searching for and rescuing Brandon in Derry, New Hampshire, last month (I know that you also spoke with and coached several members of our search team). We followed much of your advice, and after three weeks and a few failed trapping attempts, we caught Brandon, and now he is safe, warm, and happy in his new home. Thank you so much for doing what you do and sharing your experience and wisdom so generously (BTW, your meatball and red sauce suggestion worked like a charm!). All the best to you! Lisa Perkins

Viva's Happy Ending - July, 2006

I first saw the Border Collie "Viva" (her new name) wandering on the side of a very busy road. The posted speed limit is 50 MPH, so, of course, everyone goes at least 55 - 60. Over a period of weeks I repeatedly saw her in the same area, walking determinedly - still on the side of the road. I grumbled to myself about the idiot who allowed his/her dog to roam in this dangerous situation. One day I noticed her persona had changed. Her head was hung low, her beautiful coat was a mess, and she looked depressed. She was standing very nearly in oncoming traffic, and I then realized that it was not her choice to be there. She had always seemed to be heading towards a construction company, so I called them. They said they had been feeding her but she wouldn't allow anyone to get near her. They had also contacted the local animal control officer who set up a humane trap and "caught" Viva, but she had managed to escape from it. Everyone at the construction company was very fond of this dog and probably would have been happy to just keep feeding her, but for their biggest concern….she was going to get hit by a car. This Border Collie's habit of sitting on the yellow lines in the middle of the road, or lying down and stopping traffic, just couldn't be ignored. Read My Rescue Story.

Nila's Happy Ending - Summer 2006

Nila was adopted into our family on a warm and wonderful Saturday morning. It was wonderful until it came time for Donna to leave. She had worked hard to earn Nila's trust and love, and instill much-needed confidence. Donna's departure was painful and upsetting for everyone and very confusing for Nila. An hour later, nearing panic, Nila slipped away from me! She quickly headed for the woods that surround our house for miles in all directions. Donna returned immediately, and so began the search that would continue around the clock for seven days. Read My Rescue Story.

Toby's Happy Ending - On one of our evening walks on May 12, 2006, Toby wiggled his way out of his collar (one quick head twist, that's all it took!). At first, we were not too worried thinking that he would come back to us as he never showed any desire to run away. But when he started moving further and further away and crossed a busy intersection, we knew things were really bad. He then went running in the opposite direction, away from us and far away from home. We were beside ourselves standing there with the leash and a collar with all his tags, watching him disappear with no IDs on him in a strange neighborhood where he has never been before, far away from home. Read My Rescue Story.

Maya's Happy Ending - April 2006

We got our dog Maya on Thursday 3/30/06 from a rescue league in CT. They had saved her from a high-kill shelter in Ohio. She's very very timid dog who's just getting used to being around people. We thought it would be good for her to go out with other dogs on a nice walk in the woods. So, on Monday, 4/3(day 5 of our "ownership") she went with her new dog walking group out to the Fells Reservation in Winchester. I got a call at work around 11:30 that Maya had spooked, pulled on her leash unexpectedly and the dog walker dropped her leash! She had bolted into the reservation and they couldn't find her. Read My Rescue Story.

Olympia's Happy Ending - August, 2005

In Puerto Rico, a dedicated rescue lady sees a sick and homeless puppy, catches it with a humane cage trap, and names her "Olympia." Eventually, this gentle, shy, Whippet-mix is sent to a rescue group in Massachusetts, and then adopted by a great family who wants to share their lives and love with a "rescued" dog. Olympia was on a retractable leash when the handle was accidentally dropped. Startled, she bolted, ran out of her yard, and disappeared. Luckily, the handle of the leash got snagged on something, broke off, leaving Olympia free to run through yards, the road, and power lines. She wandered less than a half mile from her home for eleven days and maintained a relatively tight circle. I set up a 4' humane cage trap along a stone wall abutting the woods of the yard, not more than 70' from the home. The trap was loosely covered with an old Army blanket, the inside was "cozy," and I offered an array of aromatic food bits in a small dish at the far end of the trap. Olympia showed up and went immediately to the trap, but then hesitated to go inside. Very cautious, she surveyed it from all angles, looked around to see if anyone was watching, then finally (much to my relief) entered (stretched out) and was caught at 9:45 PM. Olympia is pictured above (right) with her owner, Ramon, and her friend Christina (left). Olympia was lost August 15 and found August 26, 2005. Debbie Hall, LostDogSearch

Samantha's Happy Ending - August, 2005

This is "Samantha" who was caught by Debbie with a 5' humane cage on a lucky Friday night in August, 2005. She's doing well and now living the good life with her humans and some other lucky dogs.

Annie's Happy Ending - August 22, 2005

My dog Annie went missing 6/6/05. I put up posters as recommended and distributed flyers around my neighborhood. I did all the right things and then some. I loved my dog and while my brain said time to move on my heart never gave up hope. On 8/22/05 a lady called to say that she had visited a relative and found my dog and one of flyers I had distributed 2 months earlier. Annie was returned within the hour. Getting the word out is critical. You never know when someone will happen upon your pet. Liz Hopkins

Belinda's Happy Ending - November 2002

Belinda was a 3-4 year old female purebred Chinese Shar Pei that was rescued from the harsh streets of Hartford, Connecticut in early 2002, just before having five puppies. After seven months at the shelter, she finally found a family from New Hampshire who wanted to adopt her. On Sunday, October 27, 2002, I drove Belinda half-way to her new home and then made my way back to Connecticut with tears in my eyes - a little piece of my heart had stayed with her. The following weekend, the family took a trip to visit relatives in Saugus, Massachusetts and brought Belinda with them. Her week-long adventure began on Sunday, November 3, 2002, when she bolted out the door and ran off into the woods. Read My Rescue Story.