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Tattoo Information

This list was compiled from the Internet to help people trying to trace a tattoo on a found dog. There may be additional registries that are not listed. If your registry is not on the list, or we need to update or correct your information, please contact

National Dog Registry (NDR) New York
24 hr hotline 1-800-637-3647 (1-800-NDR-DOGS)

Tattoo-A-Pet is a national registry.
PH # 1-800-828-8667 (1-800-TATTOOS); PH # 1-800-828-8007

American Kennel Club (AKC) Companion Animal Recovery (CAR)
PH # 1-800-252-7894
An AKC tattoo normally has two letters, then 6 digits and a two digit trailer, * newer ones have 8 digits. e.g., HM 010101-01 or HM 010101/01 or HM 01010101.

National Greyhound Association
(NGA) is the registry for racing greyhounds.
PH # 1-913-263-4660.
Racing greyhounds are always identified by tattoos in both ears.

United Kennel Club
PH # 1-616-343-9020
2 letters with 6 digits

National Animal ID center
PH # 1-800-647-6761
N prefix with digits

Hunting Dog ID Association
PH # 513-891-0600
"HD" prefix with a number up to 5 digits

German Shepherds

The Ohlone humane Society (California based Registration)
PH # 510-797-9449

U.S. Found Maryland
PH # 1-410-557-7332

ID Pet
PH # 1-800-243-9147 or 1-203-327-3157.
Numbers normally begin with an "X" (then SS number)

Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)
PH # 1-416-675-5511.
Dogs bred in Canada and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club are generally tattooed in 1 ear or the flank. The tattoo is made up of three parts, the most significant part is the initial, three character letter-number sequence. This identifies the breeder. An example of a CKC number: 7MR 1 C.