This site is in memory of "Tia."

Tia was a Border Collie that authorities pulled from a home due to inhumane living conditions. A senior lady of gentle disposition, yet afraid of people because she was never socialized. Numerous hands reached out to comfort Tia while working to secure her a better life with a loving family. Upon arrival at a foster home, she was confused by unfamiliar surroundings, slipped her lead, and ran into the woods. She remained elusive despite an extensive search effort that involved a large number of caring people. On March 22, 2001, nineteen days after she bolted, Tia's body was found in a small vernal pool - she had fallen through the ice. Though still mourned, it's important that Tia be remembered more for what she accomplished, instead of dwelling on the future she was denied. She showed how easy it is for a dog to get lost, how well one can hide, and why lost dog searchers with experience need to help others be more successful. She was responsible for effecting immediate changes to search procedures so that old standards had more emphasis on detail, and new ideas were explored. Tia's personal ripple effect will take time to grow, but a number of dogs have already been found safely just because of her. There will be countless "happy ending stories" to make up for the one we envisioned she would have. Not an even trade, but Tia is now free to spend her time playing, sleeping, or watching over her herd of canine friends and their silly humans. Thanks Tia, we owe you so much, and then some.