Microchips are on different frequencies:  125, 128, and 134.2 kHZ (the most universal) Some scanners can detect a microchip but not be able read info on that particular frequency You must register the microchip ID number, pet description & personal contact information. * If you don’t register, there will be no link from your pet back to you. Keep the information you submitted up to date, including changes in name, addy, phone, email, or other notables, including anything about your dog.   American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)
Internet-based application (NOT a registry) that helps identify which registries should be contacted when a found pet is scanned and a microchip number is identified.

This is an alphabetical sampling of registry databases.  It is NOT a complete list.

Tattoo Information

These links may help you trace a tattoo on a found dog. 
Find more information on the web using specific search keywords. 

American Kennel Club Reunite     PH 1-800-252-7894     This website covers more than just tattoo information.
An AKC tattoo normally has two letters, then 6 digits, and a two-digit trailer.
Newer tattoos have 8 digits.  e.g., HM 010101-01 or HM 010101/01 or HM 01010101. 

National Dog Registry (NDR) New York  PH 1-800-637-3647    (1-800-NDR-DOGS) 

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