Lily was going for a walk when she had an unexpected medical event. In the confusion, she got loose and bolted. Friends and volunteers rallied by putting up fliers. The next day a DPW sander saw Lily in a field, but she ran into the woods near a long path. The family worked hard, with little sleep, to search at all hours. Missing Dogs Mass set up a trail cam. Everyone carried leashes and treats, hoping to be in the right place at the right time. Lily’s littermate brother “Roscoe” and “Maisey,” a senior lady Beagle, both came out to lay down scent.

I base-park in the same areas as my very first search back in 2001. “Tia” did not have her happy ending but became the catalyst for refining all lost dog searches from that point forward. Karma started within minutes of meeting Lily’s family and didn’t stop. An oil painting of my great-uncle Frank’s three hunting Beagles that I loved as a child was recently given to me. An abundance of people directly involved in the search have the same first names as my dear family members. I have a deep sense this much good karma means Lily will be found safe.

Lily has to deal with cold and snowy weather…and then it rains. The ordeal ends Tuesday at 4 AM. A Plainville Water Department driver, Jeff LaRochelle, is out salting the slick roads when he sees Lily run across the street. He stops his truck and she goes under it to hide. He knows she’s scared so he gets low on the ground before moving closer to grab her. Jeff actually knows and lives near the family. Lily is only a half mile from home. Her family is getting ready to go back out and search when Jeff appears at the door with Lily. I get a happy text about 4:30 AM. I’m so excited and happy that I can’t sleep, so I go out to pull fliers off telephone poles. Removing fliers is as a fast “THANK YOU – LILY’S FOUND” to the local community.

I get to meet Lily and she briefly cries in my face like I’m an old lost friend. I want to cry back. The Farren family is all back together and the pack is whole once again.
Beagle-Love strong!

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