There’s a tale to be told, even if it’s short, especially true with happy endings. Saturday night, August 15th, 2020, I got a short email – “Can you call me?” It’s been a few years, but I would never forget Patti from Pennsylvania. In 2009 we worked together via emails and calls as she spent countless hours tracking a dog lost over 3 months. Her hard work resulted in reuniting “Bernie” with his out-of-state family. Read his story!

This time, Patti heard that a woman from Florida was visiting in Pennsylvania and had to return home the very next day (Sunday). Meanwhile, her young Chihuahua-mix “Luna” had run off to parts unseen a few days ago. Patti offered to be the local contact and would reach out to notify the public. She and I discussed basic strategies and signage. We know neon signs make a significant impact, and she would create a big batch that night to tack on poles first thing in the morning. I was thrilled, wished her the best, and told her to keep me updated.

Patti was tacking up signs early Sunday morning and within an hour a woman called to say she was sure a neighbor had Luna in her backyard. A picture sent to Luna’s mom cell phone confirmed it. Patti and the owner went to the address and found Luna in a large dog kennel, safe and sound. Patti was told the finder didn’t know Luna was lost and had planned to give the “stray” to a friend. We assume many factors were to blame for her not reporting catching Luna. The finder declined the reward, and was happy to see Luna back in her mom’s arms. Luna and mom drove back to Florida, arriving safely late Sunday.

Kudos and hugs to Patti for reaching out to help yet another stranger. She does that a lot! Luna’s mom, just like Bernie’s, lived out of state, miles away from where her dog was lost. People like Patti make our world a better place. I know Luna and her mom sleep soundly tonight because of you…and I thank you for your ongoing kindness.

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